Earth Prime World (UC: & 696.969.696.966)

Universal Coordinates: -AND-
Universal Coordinates: 696.969.696.966

Date of Divergence: NONE


Two coordinates access the same reality, based on a change in the bible’s words:

Accessing this reality via coordinates ‘’, there’s no traceable historical differences, yet, but it’s expected some will be found over time. Here’s an excerpt of the key difference from this world’s Bible (NIV):

Then the eyes of both of them were opened [Genesis 3:7] (and nothing more)

Remember Adam and Eve? The Original Sin? Accessing via dimensional coordinates ‘696.969.696.966’, it never happened. Allow me to excerpt from their world’s Bible (NIV):

Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves. But they chaffed, so they took them off. [Genesis 3:7]

In any case, with either ‘Prime world’, these worlds may be just as corrupt and sinful as some, but it got there naked. Sounds pretty good, right? You see, on this world, nudity is everywhere. It’s actually quite comical to see Oprah Winfrey with a television show in the buff, but seeing Roseanne naked is a sight I don’t care to remember! It more than makes up for it by seeing Megan Fox (pictured below), Scarlett Johannson (pictured below), and Natalie Portman all walking around in the buff wherever they go, which makes the tabloids – and trips to Hollywood that much more… entertaining.

Among the features of this reality and it’s derivants are highly sexualized names for what appears to be scientific repression. The “Big Bang” referring to sexual intercourse of course, the “Milky Way” referring to male ejaculation, “Black Hole” has two potential sexual references, and the list goes on…

With the creative and sometimes non creative uses of body paint, and frequently very open sexuality, Earth Prime is in a league of it’s own, and easily my favorite place to visit..

Travel Advisory

Survival Rating: 70%

Frostbite, sunburn, and the prickly things that litter this planet are not fun. Especially you-know-where.

Vrilliant note: Multidim had previously accessed the coordinates ‘696.969.696.969’ for this reality, and if they are going for an eye full they might get a bit more than they expected, as that universe is accessible via ‘696.969.696.966’ and ‘696.969.696.696’ is now to access the ‘Sex Reality’


I rather enjoy the freedom of this world. I took many photos, clearly, and look forward to going back:

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